Friday 22nd October come to school dressed in your spookiest outfits for Halloween
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WC - 20.04.2020

Tuesday - Read the Powerpoint on Roman Gladiator life. Write a set of instructions on how to become a Gladiator.

Wednesday- Read Scene 2 of the Playscript below. Can you work with your family members to put on a performance?



Thursday: Dictation

Please read the whole passage to your child and ask them to copy down everything you say not just the words that you have been learning this week. Miss Butler and Mrs Close have great fun trying to get as many words into one passage as possible.



Please continue to read every day to either yourself or to someone in your family. You could even follow this up with a book review just like we do in school.


Relax and listen to an audio story -

Afternoon Activity Ideas



Investigate different ways of cleaning old Roman coins. Find some dirty copper coins and try cola, vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda to clean them!


Creative Task

Research some famous Roman landmarks and either draw or create a pop up model.  This website gives you some lovely ideas of how to create them.


PSHE: Our dreams

Spend a bit of time thinking about dreams – not the dreams you have at night but the dreams you have for the future.

Talk your adult about your dreams.

When I grow up I want to be …

When I was little I wanted to be …

Each of you should fill in the think bubble to show what your dreams are.

Talk about the dreams. You might like to stick them on your wall or fridge


PE - with Nathan from Newcastle United Foundation


History with 'That History Bloke'. You might need add the subtitles as the sound is quite quiet.