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WC - 20.04.2020


This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction involving decimal numbers and some word problems. 

For support on how children should be setting out their calculations please view the calculation policy. Which can be found at:



Please continue to read every day to either yourself or to someone in your family. You could even follow this up with a book review just like we do in school.


Relax and listen to an audio story -

History/ Geography

Your new home learning activities will be based all around the topic of ‘Vikings’. The Vikings came from the three countries of ScandinaviaDenmarkNorway and Sweden. Using the map attached, can you locate and colour where the Vikings came from. Can you then locate and label the seas, equator and northern and southern hemispheres.


Research afterwards a little about the Vikings.


This week we would like you to watch the video;

Follow each step to help sketch a colour your own Viking warrior



PE with Nathan

PSHE - Diversity