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WC - 20-04-2020


Poetry and Rhyme Activities

Day 1 Activity
Introduce the humorous poem Dad and the Cat and the Tree (see resource). Which parts were funny? Relate the poem to their own experiences of something going wrong.
Children have picture cards from the poem (see resource), they work in pairs to sequence them. They make up a new ending for the poem and draw this on a blank card. Challenge children to write a line describing their new ending. 

Day 2 Activity
Read If You Should Meet a Crocodile  and then read If you should meet an elephant. Ask children to talk about both poems. Compare the different animals. Can they describe them using similarities and differences.

Children work in pairs to discuss the crocodile. Stick the image in the middle of a large sheet of paper then write descriptive words around the edge. Some children write descriptive phrases as well as words.

Day 3 Activity
Read Hickory Dickory Dock’ (see resource) and discuss the rhyme. What was the mouse doing? Why? Now read Three Blind Mice  (see resource) and discuss the verbs, e.g. see how they run.

Children to sequence Hickory Dickory Dock using resources. Some children could re-write the rhyme. Children make Three Blind Mice using paper and Sellotape then act out the story. See picture prompt.

Hickory Dickory Dock &  Three Blind Mice
Day 4 Activity
Show children Make a Face (see resource). Children think of other funny faces they can make. Brainstorm some ideas for the types of faces the children might make. E.g. I can make a silly face, / a flat face, a frilly face.
Children discuss different faces they could make and in small groups work together to write a short poem, e.g.

My face is as flat as a pancake.
My face is as fat as a balloon.

Some children use the face images to draw their funny face (see resource). 

English Resources


This week's Maths focus is number bonds and mathematical word problems. 


Find out some interesting history about your family, family tree, family jobs etc. 


Locating animals around the world. Looking at animals from different countries and comparing their habitats. 


Making an animal mask. 


Investigating and sorting animals into categories.


Active Mile Week - North Tyneside Council - See Resources. 


Making a birdhouse or bird feeder.


Programming a robot using Lightbot application, IPAD, tablet friendly or