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WC - 23.03.2020


This week's focus is Fractions - recognising and showing, using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators



Monday and Tuesday -

Friday - Times Tables Focus

Time Tables Rockstars:

Hit The Button:


English Home Learning Files


Monday: Write a diary as an everyday object! Use this planning sheet below to help you: diary writing.docx

Tuesday:Write a diary entry as a Roman Soldier.You could watch this video to help you with ideas:

Wednesday: Sword in the Stone Reading


Spelling Home Learning Files (Week beginning 23.3.2020)

Week beginning 23.03.2020.docx

Afternoon Activities Home Learning Tasks



Research task -What was the Roman's influence on Britain?

Use the internet to help you find key Roman inventions and work which has influenced our lives today. Your findings could be written in bullet points or even in a spider diagram.



PowerPoint Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation using your research on Roman Inventions.

You could save and insert images you find online and experiment with fonts and backgrounds.


Creative task:

Design and make a Roman shield.

Your design could be a sketch, collage or even made out of recyclable materials!

Here are some historic Roman shields for inspiration:


Lego Challenge: