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Head, shoulders, knees and toes 23.03.20




- Look in the mirror while singing Head, shoulders, knees and toes and talk about different body parts/features.

-Find the eyes, nose, mouth etc. on your favourite teddies or soft toys.

-Encourage your child to help with dressing/undressing. Talk about feet and toes while putting socks on. Ask them to hold their arms up to put their t-shirt on etc.



- Encourage your child to copy key words - eyes, ears, mouth etc.

- Use pointing, hand gestures and facial expressions while singing, talking, reading.

- Encourage your child to point to illustrations in books eg. Where is the baby? Where is the dog?



- Turn song into a dance party. Stand up to do the actions. Go faster, slower, loud, quiet etc. (Videos on YouTube can support this)

- Jump, stretch, run. Move in a variety of ways, talking about legs, arms, hands and feet.

- Encourage your child to feed themselves whenever possible, either with hands or spoon depending on meal.



- Play peek-a-boo. Develops understanding of object permanence (the child understands you are still there, even though they can't see you)

- Counting how many eyes, ears, noses fingers you have/teddy has etc.

- You could make 'monsters' from cardboard boxes and feed them objects, counting as you go. If you make a few monsters you could have one who eats cars, one who eats red things etc.




- Lots of 1:1 story time. Look for body parts in other stories as you read.



-Looking at photos of your child, family, friends, pets etc. Children love to see pictures of themselves and familiar people. 

- Play hide and seek with teddies/dolls etc. Hide the toys so  a small part of them is visible eg. behind a cushion. As your child spots their toys talk about what you can see. 'Is that teddy's ear?" etc.

- Water play. Using hands and feet to splash. Wash hands and face. Wash dolls in the water.



- Dough Disco. Make a batch of play dough and encourage your child to manipulate it in different ways. Show them how to squash it between two hands, pinch it between their fingers, flatten it with one palm etc.

- Lots of music and movement! Use scarves, shakers etc. to encourage use of whole body.

- Hand and foot prints make beautiful keepsakes or gifts for relatives and provide opportunities to talk about hands, fingers, feet, toes etc.