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WC - 30.03.2020

Friday - please read the whole passage to your child and ask them to copy down everything you say not just the words that you have been learning this week. Miss Butler and Mrs Close have great fun trying to get as many words into one passage as possible.

Reading: Please continue to read every day to either yourself or to someone in your family. You could even follow this up with a book review just like we do in school.


Relax and listen to an audio story -

Afternoon activity ideas

Monday: History - find out what Roman soldiers wore and carried into battle

Tuesday: Creative task: design a Roman mosaic

Read all about Roman mosaics and design your own!

Wednesday: PE - with Nathan from Newcastle United Foundation


PE - Chance to Shine Cricket Sessions - Week 2 Brilliant Bowler

Learn a dance routine with Beth Morgan (good for parents too!).

Click on the link below and have a go!

You can upload your routine to Bailey Green Twitter page so we can see all the fun you are having.

Thursday: PSHE

Friday: Computing - code your own flappy bird game