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Clap Hands - 04.05

Story of the week activities 

Story of the week- clap your hands

song of the week- if your happy and you know it


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Encourage the whole family to spend time with your child, by singing songs and reading story’s this will help your child bond with everyone in the household and build special relationships.
  • Child initiated play with different toys and let your child explore the different toys around them.


Communication and Language

  • Sing and listen to our song of the week- if you are happy and you know it, you should try and do all the actions to your songs such as ‘if your happy and you know it touch your toes’ then you should point to your toes and your child may imitate you. 
  • While singing the song of the week you should practice mouth movements with the key words in the song such as ‘toes’ and ‘clap’, you should do this facing your child while slowly saying the word with your whole mouth and see if they try to imitate them.


Physical Development

  • While your child lays safely on the floor you should get some dangle toys out and encourage your child to reach for the toys, this will help with both gross motor skills as your child moves their whole body to reach for the toys and fine motor skills when your child starts to feel the toy with their hands and fingers. 
  • Dancing to our song of the week by doing the actions such as’ clap your hands’ this can be enjoyable for the whole family. 


Understanding the World

  • Take your child for a daily walk and let them see and explore the world around them, watch to see if your child moves their eyes then begins to move their head to follow objects like cars then see how they react when the car is out of sight. If you see other people out on your walk your child may closely observes them, this helps your child to get to know about other people. 


  • While your child watches begin to hide toys underneath a blanket, then encourage your child to look for the missing toys. 



  • If you have our story of the week or something similar, you should spend time with your child encouraging them to turn the pages and look at the illustrations, if your child points to an object in the book you should repeat the word your child is pointing to a couple of times, for example if your child points to ‘toes’ then you should repeat that word. 
  • If you have textured books at home you could spend time with your child and letting them feel the different textures while you describe them. 


Using and Exploring Media and Materials

  • With supervision you should le your child do some messy play with paint, let them feel the texture of the paint and put out paper for them to leave marks. If you don’t have access to paint at home you could use a layer of icing sugar on a mat then use water to dip your child’s hand in and let them make different marks and explore the texture.