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Easter Activities - 06.04 - 17.04

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Making a house for the Easter bunny – This can be done using anything from Duplo blocks to recycled materials. Get children to think and talk about who might be living in the house with the bunny and who they have living with them in their house. (PD + C&L)
  • Board games – Encourage children to play games remembering to take turns and wait for their turn. This can be done with any games you have at home or you might want to make a simple matching with your children.


Communication and Language

  • Easter songs – Get children to watch and learn Easter songs from Youtube, they may even want to make props to support these songs. (EA&D)
  •  Kim's game - Collect items from around the house with your children. Put these items on a tray and get children to look at them. Then get children to close their eyes while you take something away. Finally get children to guess what item is missing. This can be made into a challenge by increasing the number of items removed.

Physical Development

  • Mini beast scavenger hunt – Explore the garden for bugs and mini beasts, see what children can find. After finding them talk about what they are and get children to say/repeat names too. This activity can be extended further by getting the children to count their findings. (C&L + MD) 
  • Wake up shake up – Children love doing this at nursery, and it would be nice for them to continue this at home as well as show families their moves. Youtube has a wide variety of movement and action songs that children are familiar with, something the whole family can get involved in. 
  • Self-care – Children in Bluebells have been practising dressing/undressing and hygiene routines independently. During their time at home get them to show you how they can do this e.g at bed time or when getting ready to play outside. (PSED)


Understanding the World

  • ICT – Assist your child in using a laptop, computer or ipad to play an interactive jigsaw game. These can be found on the Cbeebies website, link below.
  • Small-world Models – Encourage children to play with toys such as farm animals, garage and train track. Get the children to talk about what they are doing and what they are playing with. Maybe talk about own experiences with children if they have been to the farm ect. Children may want to dress up to be in role play during this time. (C&L)



  • Ladybird Stones – Get children to collect stones/rocks from the garden and then give this a wash. Children can then paint them and turn them into ladybirds or any mini beasts they choose. Encourage children to count spots on the ladybird as they paint then on and same for any other mini beast they may choose. They can then be used another time.
  • Counting real objects – Children love being helpers and doing jobs the same as their grown ups. Encourage them to help with everyday jobs around the house and get them to count as they do so e.g counting plates/cups as they set the table or counting toys as they tidy them away. 
  • Water play – Fill a dish bowl with water, if you wish you can add washing liquid, food colouring or glitter to make it different for the children. Give your child different shaped and sized containers to play with. Encourage them to fill up and empty these containers.



  • Reading – Children in Bluebells love listening to our story of the week and other stories in nursery. Our book this week is “Up in the garden down in the dirt”, this story can be found on Youtube where the Author reads it for the children to listen to. Storyline Online is another good website full of interactive stories for your children to enjoy. Alternatively you can read books that you may already have at home, talk to the children about what they can see in the pictures and how they think the characters might be feeling by looking at their facial expressions. Ask children to repeat words/phrases to teach them new words. (C&L)
  • Mark-Making – This is something the children love doing in nursery. You can use anything you have at home to make this interesting and exciting. Simple things such as pens on paper, chalks on a wall outside or paint with a brush/ getting the children to use 1 finger can be fun. If you want to make it more sensory you can use a tray and fill it with anything such as flour, rice, sand, mud or glitter. Ask children to distinguish between the different marks they make. Encourage them to draw an egg shape. (PD)


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Potato stamping – Cut a potato in half and carve patterns on the inside. Allow children to then dip these potatoes in paint then onto paper or card. These can then be made into lovely Easter cards for family and friends.
  • Decorating Eggs – Hard boil some eggs and let them cool. These can then be decorated using anything such as paint, pens, glitter and glue. See if children can recreate their favourite characters or a mini beast.
  • Patterned Eggs – Cut an egg shape out of card or paper. Using cotton buds and paint, demonstrate/start off a pattern for your child and see if they can carry it on. To extend this further you can encourage them to make their own patterns.
  • Paper Plate Bugs – Using cut up card/paper or paint decorate a paper plate into a bug or Easter rabbit. You may want to use recycled materials for the bugs features e.g bottle tops for eyes, toilet roll tubes for wings.