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Easter Activities - 06.04 - 17.04

Story of the week activities

 Story of the week- Old McDonald had a farm.


Personal, Social and Emotional development.

  • Singing songs, rhymes and reading stories, encourage the whole household to join in with the songs and rhymes to build special relationships. 
  • Child initiated play with different soft toy animals, lie or sit your child while letting them explore the different toys around them.

Communication and Language. 

  • Sing our song of the week- old McDonald had a farm. 
  • Practice mouth movements with the sounds of different animal sounds.- you should look face to face with your child and make different sounds such as, ‘ssss’ snake. ‘Quack quack’, see how your child responds to the different mouth movements and see if they try to imitate them. 


Physical development.

  • Freestyle dancing with ‘baby shark’ or any of your child’s favourite nursery rhymes.- this will help with your child’s gross motor skills by moving their arms and legs. Baby shark will help with your child’s fine motor skills by doing the actions using your fingers to imitate ‘baby shark’. 
  • Encouraging your child to hold their own cup.
  • Encouraging your child to feed themselves using a spoon or if they are having finger foods encourage them to use their hands and transfer the food to their mouth. 


Understanding the world.

  • Outdoor play- let your child explore all the natural resources such as flowers, grass and sticks, let your child touch and look at the resources. Let your child get messy with mud with the supervision of an adult as they may like to explore with their mouths. 



  • While your child watches, hide different animals under a blanket or in sand if you have access and encourage your child to explore and find the missing objects. 


  • If you have our story of the week or have a similar book, spend time with your child looking at the book letting your child point at the different objects in the book and repeatedly saying key words such as ‘chick, chick, chick’. Let your child turn the pages and if the book has different textures get your child’s hand or fingers over the material while you describe the texture such as, ‘that’s soft’, ‘that’s rough’. 


Using and Exploring Media and Materials. 

  • Let your child explore different materials such as, egg cartons, Easter egg boxes and chocolate wrappers and let your child investigate them.