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Easter Activities - 06.04 - 17.04

Easter Activities for Poppies!


PSED (Personal, Social, Emotional Development)           

  • An Egg Hunt - you could do this in the garden or in your house. Hide any sort of eggs and get everyone in the household involved so they can help each other find the hidden eggs.
  • Make bunny ears and the child could take part in role play with these.


Communication and Language

  • Easter Stories and Songs on YouTube – Get the children involved by watching stories or songs on YouTube about Easter, there is plenty of songs for them to learn.
  • Animal Listening Game – Make noises of different animals and get the child to tell you what animal makes that noise.


Physical Development

  • Baking – Baking Easter treats can be fun! If you have cornflakes, rice krispies or coco pops you could make Krispy cakes, by melting chocolate and adding the two together and you could even add mini eggs or chocolate buttons.
  • Go into the garden and do some running races, skipping races and jumping or hopping races.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Easter Edition Video Is linked here (



  • Decorate Eggs – Get a handful of eggs and decorate each one a different colour. Then put them in the egg hunt or just as a maths task and get the child to name the colour of the egg they can see and they could even count them too.
  • Make Easter cards – when making these with your child incorporate different shapes e.g square, circle or triangle when decorating a card and ask the child what shape it could be.




Understanding the World

  • Baking – Baking with the child will allow them to develop an understanding of the instructions you take and the ingredients you will need. This will allow them to use this knowledge they have and incorporate it in pretend play.
  • Water play (if possible add food colouring/paint/diluted juice to change the colour of the water.


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Decorate Eggs – Boil some eggs until they are hard boiled, let them cool and get the children to decorate them with paints, glue, glitter etc.
  • Make Easter Cards – Get some card or even some paper and decorate an Easter card. You could use the end of a potato masher, paint over it to create a patterned egg shape and print it onto the paper. You could decorate the card with pencils and crayons or even use cottons buds, lollipop sticks or straws to make marks. 
  • Paper plate bunny craft – If you have paper plates and cotton wool, you can make your own Easter bunny.


An example of these crafts are shown below: