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Easter Activities




Happy Easter Snowdrops! Our new story of the week is, 'We’re going on an Egg Hunt' by Laura Hughes. We have chosen this story to correspond with Easter, here are some ideas you could try at home. 


Physical Development

1) Wake Up and Shake up! (youtube) 

This is where Snowdrops learn easy routines to music, kick starting their day with a burst of energy, tackling those gross motor skills.Try to complete this daily to mimic their nursery routine.


2) Easter Egg hunt! Use up your child’s energy by hiding eggs around the garden/house for them to find, Snowdrops love to explore! Hide chocolate eggs, or maybe design your own eggs with your child. (see EAD subheading) 


3)Music and Movement- move like the Easter bunny. Youtube our song of the week ‘hop little bunnies’, where Snowdrops children will enjoy dancing and singing along to one of their favourite nursery rhymes.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

1) Interact your child with the story, talk about feelings. Is the Easter bunny, happy, sad, angry?. Talk about how they are feeling, it’s always positive to talk about emotions. 


2) When carrying out Easter crafts (see EAD subheading) give your child more of a lead in their activity, follow their interests. 


3) Give your child a responsibility, at nursery we have ‘nursery helpers’, why not call it ‘house helpers’ where your child helps you set up/ tidy up the activity, Snowdrops love carrying out small tasks. 


4) Rewards! Do you have stickers or reward charts at home?. If so, why not reward your child if they’ve done something positive, like tidying away their toys, (use ‘house helper’). This will show your child if they carry out the tasks asked of them, they will get rewarded, making it more likely for them to carry out tasks again. 


Communication and Language 

1) Our words of the week's are ‘Easter’ and ‘Hunt’, listen and find our words when reading ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’. Elaborate on their meaning; What is Easter?


2) Ask questions, when reading the story to your child(who, what, where, when and why), this will show they’re listening and understanding the story well, giving them an opportunity to input throughout. 


3) After a few reads of the story, see if your child can retell what's happened, Snowdrops love to join in with familiar words and phrases from a story. (E.g. ‘We’re going on a…)





Mark-making- some different ways your child could create marks!


Snowdrops love to be creative! Making marks in various ways will encourage your child's fine and gross motor skills preparing them for handwriting. 



1)If you go on an egg hunt with your child, why don’t you get them to count the eggs as they put them in their basket. At the end of the hunt, get your child to touch-count all the eggs to ensure they’ve counted correctly. 


2) Easter Hopscotch! Hop like the Easter bunny across the hop-scotch, counting as you go.


3) Shape! Make Easter Bunny some carrots using various shapes!.



Understanding The World

1) Easter role play! Create Easter Bunny masks (see EAD subheading) so your child can engage in pretend play. 


2) Sound walk- Explore your garden or the area where you live and listen to the various sounds, e.g birds tweeting. Get your child to identify the sound. 


3) Easter tough tray ideas, so your child can engage in small-world play!


Expressive Arts and Design 


Easter Crafts!

1) Design your own Easter Egg, (Easter egg collage)                         

  • On paper, draw an egg shape

  • Cut lots of various coloured paper into pieces 

  •  Glitter

  • Pritt stick or PVA glue

Let your child get messy and creative!


2) Salt dough Easter eggs (link below for salt dough recipe)


3) Hand and footprint chick, something to keep forever!