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Gardening club

Gardening club is run by Mrs Munro and Mrs Surtees from September to October half term. Then starts again around Easter time until the end of the Summer term

We've had yet another successful year at Gardening Club

Not only did we grow some fantastic flowers but we managed to cultivate strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants

They were delicious!

We have already made plans for next year which include potatoes, flowers and hopefully more types of fruit and vegetables.


Mrs Munro and Mrs Surtees

Summer Term 2018

Summer Term 2018 1
Summer Term 2018 2 Giant rhubarb
Summer Term 2018 3 Sowing grass seed
Summer Term 2018 4 We will get this root out!
Summer Term 2018 5 Planting seeds
Summer Term 2018 6
Summer Term 2018 7
Summer Term 2018 8
Summer Term 2018 9 Lots of weeding