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Hello and welcome to Parents and Families of Snowdrops

As we are not attending nursery at the moment we thought we would share some activities/ideas that we do in Snowdrops. These also link to The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We are sure you do many fun activities both indoors and out with your children but these might add to them.

Our learning online will also link with the stories we had planned to do in our nursery environment so keep looking online for extra activities.

We wish you all a safe time at home and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Miss R Brown and Mrs J Munro. 



Physical Development [PD]

If possible play in the garden-running, hopping, jumping and catching and throwing games. You could even make an obstacle course.

Mark making opportunities on a large scale using wallpaper or on the patio with chalks. Use water and a brush to 'paint' to help fine motor skills.

Lots of websites offer free resources for exercise including Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga.

Numerous websites have ideas for Easter crafts and activities too.

Snowdrops have also been practising putting on and taking off our own shoes and socks and independently putting on our own coats.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development [PSE]

Encourage your children to 'invent' games both indoors and out to boost their independence and self help skills. This could include role play games for example playing shops and schools with them and letting them take the 'lead role'. Playing in the garden with balls, skittles or mark making tools.

Take time to talk about how everyone is feeling in the family including the adults.

Connect with family and friends through FaceTime or Skype to chat about their day and what they have been up to. This might give you some new ideas too.


Communication and Language Development [CL]

Snowdrops children thoroughly enjoy story time - discuss what is happening, who are the characters in the book, how are they feeling, where is the story set. And don't forget the Title, Author and the BLURB [they never do]

Songtime in nursery involves favourite song [Frozen] to Traditional Rhymes along with interactive songs-Five Little Speckled Frogs, Five Currant Buns etc. This encourages their counting too.

All of the children are able to syllable clap their first name-ask them to show you!


Literacy Development [L]

Take time to listen at what they can hear both indoors and out.

Environmental sounds such as the traffic, a lawnmower, the refuse truck, the kettle, birds singing and chat about it.

Share books, good activity with older siblings. What is your favourite book and why?

Create silly songs and rhymes.

Also remember to have quiet time to reflect on the day and to share what you will be doing tomorrow.


Maths Development [M]

Over the past few weeks in Snowdrops we have been focussing on touch counting 0-5 and beyond and are beginning to recognise numerals 0-5.  

Line up toys-how many? How many people in your house? How many people in Grandma's house?

Go on a shape or colour hunt-What shapes can you find? What colours can you see?

I'm sure you already have a wealth of activities and games at home to play like dominoes, snap, jigsaws to do together as a family. See who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.


Understanding the World [UW]

Your children have probably already told you all about growing our 'magic' beanstalks and the new role play area-'Jasper's Garden Centre'. They have thoroughly enjoyed playing in this area and the conversation we hear are priceless. Why not grow something in the garden or on a windowsill and encourage the children to take care of it and watch in amazement as it grows. 

Encourage language by creating a pop up role play area at home, under the stairs or use sheets and fabric to make a tent/camp.

When making meals involve the children and talk about what food you are using and where does it come from.


Expressive Arts and Design [EAD]

The 'messy' bit!!

Do some paining or collage either indoors or out in the garden if the weather permits.

Make some play-dough [this doesn't stain or stick to furnishings]

Play-dough Recipe

Three cups of plain flour

One and half cups of salt

Three cups of boiling water

Three teaspoons of cream of tartar [from the baking aisle]

One tablespoon of cooking oil

Optional-food colouring

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl then microwave for one minute, stir once more then microwave for a further minute. Leave to cool and if kept in an airtight container it will last for a few weeks. You could also add different scents and textures.

Create some music with pots and pans.

Dance and sing, hold competitions to see who is the best!

Use recyclable materials to build and construct-let the imagination flow!