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Home Learning

Sunflowers Home Learning Opportunities


Hello to all our lovely babies and families! We have came up with a few ideas and activities you can be doing at home during this isolation period which can be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Please see below. We wish you all good health, lets appreciate what we do have and the people around us during this tough time. We look forward to seeing you all back at Nursery hopefully in the near future.


Best wishes,

Mrs van Konijnenburg and Miss Brown


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

This is a perfect opportunity for PSED. Lots of time with family in the home, video calls with those family members or friends you might not be able to see. Singing songs and rhymes, responding to your child’s expressions and interactions. Giving your child the space to choose how they play and what they play with. 

Communication and Language Development

Have a go at ‘commentating’ on your child’s play or movements. For example, “John is playing with the ball. Rolling the ball. Touching the ball”. Its all about adding language and key words to your child’s play so they can then make links to the objects. Play games such as find your ‘head’, ‘eyes’, ‘nose’. Or during meal times describe the textures or the tastes of the foods, for example, eating ice cream, “cold”.  Or even just make silly sounds or noises with your mouth! Exploring the mouth movement will benefit later with speech sounds and early phonics.


Physical Development

We have children in Sunflowers who are not yet sitting and some who are walking! So give your child space to be physical, be in the garden or yard if you have one, let your child move around. Even let them watch you do some exercise in the house! Health and Self Care also comes under physical development, so this is all about giving independence to your child, if possible allow them to try and feed themselves, offer new textures and tastes. Recognise when your child is telling you they are hungry, thirsty or tired.


Understanding the World

This is all about babies being aware of the world around them, they will be learning this through daily routines at this stage in development. Good resources for this are rattles or shakers, so the children can repeat actions that may have an effect.



At this age Mathematic development is all about the beginning of relaising there is more than 1 – ‘notices changes in number of objects’ (taken from Development Matters). Play very simple games hiding an object of interest out of sight, such as a rattle, then bring it back in sight of your child, they are learning the concept and understandings that things exist even when out of sight. Sing number rhymes such as ‘3 Little Ducks’, or ‘One, Two, Buckle my Shoe’.


Lots of nursery rhymes, finger plays and songs. Youtube could be a good help for new songs for you to learn and share with your child.


Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Allowing your child to explore and choose how they play. Offer resources you may not usually play with, such as boxes, tubes, toilet rolls. 


Or you could try some baby safe messy play ideas such as....




Baby safe paint (or place paint on a tray under cling film for no mess!),

Baby shampoo,

Coloured or non-coloured ice,

Shredded paper, 

or have a look in your kitchen cupboards. 

(Note, all of these items could go in a resealable sandwich bag for less mess smiley )