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Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School Together with Bailey’s Butterflies

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In Autumn 1 we have been focusing on recognising and writing our first and second name.

Can you continue to practise this at home?


In Autumn 2 we will be focusing on tricky word recognition.

Can you practise your words at home?


In Spring 1 we will be continuing to practise tricky words and lots of blending using our phonics.

Can you practise this at home?


Home challenges:

-zipping your own coat

-putting own gloves on!

-dressing and undressing yourself(great practise for PE sessions)

-independent writing (your name, a letter, a shopping list, recipe, postcard, story)


Mathematics- Number

Home challenges:

-counting and number recognition to 20

-correct number formation (use numberline above)

-find 2d/3d shapes at home or in the environment

-practical addition using objects to 10