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Off to the beach - 20.04



Hello Bluebells! Here are some more ideas and activities for you to explore that links to our story of the week, We hope you enjoy them.




              Filling and emptying

To fit in with the sea side theme use either sand(if you have any) or water and different types of containers e.g; empty tomato sauce bottle, tupper ware boxes, empty milk cartons, cups, large and little spoons. This can be done outside or indoors, let them explore themselves how they can fill up the empty containers with the different medias, as they empty and refill them. Bluebells love filling and emptying.


              Building castles

Use different building blocks you have at home e.g; small, large building blocks, lego, even the boxes that you were about to put in the recycling, and encourage them to build their very own castle. Encourage speech at the same time too, is it a big or small castle, where is the roof? These type of questions will further extend their play and let them really explore their ideas.



Gather as many objects that relate to our sea side theme and place them in different parts of the house, or garden e.g; 2 shells by the sofa, 4 goggles in the bath, 3 single flip flops by the back door. And do a hunt around the house for them and once they have found them support them counting them, We would suggest counting up to 10.




While not being able to see extended family and friends at the moment is really becoming hard now why not create a post card template either from Google or make your own on some cardboard from the recycling, or paper around the house and they draw a lovely picture, you could then have a walk to their house to post it or add a stamp and post it!


Online stories

These online stories are a wonderful way for the children to see and hear some new words, hear new scenarios that will give them new wonderful ideas in their imaginative play. Kipper at the beach is a lovely example:


Books in the house

Encouraging our Bluebells to look at their own story’s independently engages their minds to recall the story on their own from seeing the visual of the pictures, maybe even the large words on some pages. Why not try asking them to read you the story, they love pretending to be ‘the teacher reading’.


Personal Social Emotional Development

Showing understanding of boundaries

Do some baking together, making sure that they follow the clear instructions that they have been given. Some simple ideas of biscuits or krispy cakes. Bluebells enjoy activities that maintain their focus especially when given praise for doing such a wonderful job!


Expressing own interests

Print out or draw some simple objects from the seaside and let them colour the pictures in, encouraging them to ask for the colour they would like or what picture they would like to colour in. This simple activity allows them to use their own voice to express their more favourable colours or objects.


Showing a growing sense of determination

Incorporate some exercise and movement into their daily routine, for example jump start Jonny. Encouraging them to copy the moves as close as they can, as the dance’s in jump start are aimed for a wide range of different ages of children they will not be able to complete all the moves straight away, this is a great way for them to use their will and determination to keep trying as well as making up their own moves!


Expressive Arts and Design


Let your creative sides run wild! Use ingredients and objects in the house to make a sea side collage, you and your Bluebell could make one each giving each other ideas as to what to put in your collage, especially if you make one before hand for them to copy and use as inspiration. Or a sticking activity using any unwanted materials in your home. We have made one just from a few things around the house as a example! posted at the top of the page! Items used: Ground cumin, cocktail sticks/toothpicks, tinfoil, stones and tissue paper. We would love to see your own!

Make believe by pretending

Make an area that they can use as a shop! It could be selling ice creams that are pre made up with rolled up paper, fold up some sea side attire some swimming trunks, sunglasses, flip flops for them to sell to you in their shop. Our bluebells are always making shops outside in the play house or even while on their bikes. We love their enthusiasm and imaginations!

Use sea side objects to create music

Use some buckets and spades, even some stones to gently bang, tap and move around on the floor to create new sounds! Add some water, put some water in a bowl outside and let them splash, pour more water in, use some old water hose to blow bubbles into the water while listening to the sounds they are making!


Understanding The World

Playdough fossils

Use our easy to follow playdough recipe to make sea shell fossils, the children will enjoy rolling out and flattening the playdough to them push the sea shell in it to then reveal the marks it has left! Why not then use the play dough to make some play dough castles! Can even make different play doughs all sea side colours, blue and yellow or even their favourite colour!

Look back at photos of family at the sea side

This lovely activity allows the children to draw from their memory of visiting the sea using this visual aid or if they were not there in the photo it’s a wonderful link for them to understand the sea side by hearing a story about their family their, and our Bluebells love looking at photos! This is good for lockdown too as said above we are missing our extended family and friends

Small world

Our Bluebells love to play with small world, why not set up a sea side themed small world for them to explore. Such as figures in water play with some boats, sand and figures. Watch on while they are playing independently and see what new ideas they come up with while exploring their sea side themed small world.


Physical Development


Set up a picnic in your Garden, or in the living room, even their bedroom something different! Encourage them to pour their own drinks out of a jug and hold the cup without a lid on with both hands while drinking it and not spilling it, this is great for their development in their control. Also let them pick out a couple foods to have at their picnic, this allows them to feel their own likes and dislikes for food has been acknowledged and they are helping! Then enjoy your picnic!

Drawing shapes

Draw some shapes for your Bluebell to see (Circle, square, triangle and star) then ask them to draw their favourite one with a media of your choice, pens/pencils on paper, chalk outside, draw in some glitter in a tray. This will also let your bluebell have practice in holding writing equipment allowing them to find their dominant hand for writing.

Helping with dressing and clothing

Why not let your Bluebell pick their own attire for the seaside, have a look through the wardrobe and let them pick their summer clothes and let them try and put them on themselves! Our Bluebells have enjoyed learning to put their own coats, shoes and socks on at nursery.


Communication and Language


There are lots of different nursery rhymes that are to do with the seaside, such as our song of the week. Try singing some of these throughout the day, or have 15 minutes sitting down singing a couple!

I spy

Find a picture of a beach, from twinkl, google, or even a youtube video and ask your Bluebell what they can see, or ask them to find certain objects (Can you find the dog? The little boy/girl/ ball).

Talk about the seaside

After reading a story about the beach or even singing songs, playing with their small world ask them some questions. What do you do at the seaside? Is it hot or cold there? What do you eat there? Try different questions best suited to what they have already seen.