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Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Words of the Week-Strength and Rescue

Wish of the Week-To be resilient (a new 'WOW' word to add to our vocabulary)


Here are some ideas to try at home that link to our Story of the Week.

Snowdrops look forward to listening to their new story every week.

They discover about the different aspects of the story during our adult and child led play opportunities.


Physical Development


1.  Taste new and different types of vegetables, raw and cooked.

     What do they taste like? 

     Make a vegetable soup that all the family can enjoy.


2.  Create a Superhero obstacle course in your garden.

     Jumping over and moving through different objects, balancing on one foot or along a chalked line,


3.   Music and Movement-move like a superhero or a super villain.

      Download some super hero music from children's movies, e.g. The Incredibles, Spiderman or The Lego Movie


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


1.  Talk about the characters feelings as well as their own. How can we tell what they are feeling?

     Can you make similar faces? Why do you think they are feeling like that?


2.   Encourage children to carry out small tasks around the home to boost their self confidence. 

      Maybe they could help out at mealtimes, setting the table [how many knifes and forks do we need-linking with

      Maths], washing up afterwards. Snowdrops love a CHALLENGE!


3.  Act out the story with them, ask them to choose who should play each character and why?


Communication and Language Development


1.  Talk about what vegetables are in the story. Have we tasted them before? How do you cook them?


2.  Ask the children to retell the story once read a few times 

     Spend a little time looking at each page to see if you've missed something

     [The Evil Pea might be lurking about!] 


3.  Listen and find our words of the week in the text - rescue and strength.


Literacy Development


1.  Look online for stories to listen to and watch together.

     They are also other books available about the adventures of Supertato.


2. Phonics-Snowdrops have looked at several phonics over the past few months including a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h and i. 

    see if they can remember any alongside the Jolly Phonic action. We've also been syllable clapping our name J/A/C/K


3.  Design a superhero mask [linked with Expressive Arts and Design]

     Use paints, crayons, collage and then wear them and become the character!


Maths Development


1.  Count how many vegetable you can see in the book. Encourage children to 'touch count' each one.


2.  Number recognition from 0-5 and maybe extend the touch counting by introducing the numeral alongside.


3.  Colour recognition-What colours are the vegetable? What is your favourite colour?


Understanding the World 


 Snowdrops have been learning quite a lot over the past weeks about planting and growing.

 We've watched hyacinths and daffodils grow and even planted our very own beanstalks.

1. Have a go at growing potatoes.


2.  Talk about where vegetable s grow, on top of the ground or underneath.


3.  Cut the top off a carrot and put it in a shallow container of water-watch it grow!


Expressive Arts and Design


1.  Use vegetables to print with.


2.  Make a superhero den or camp from sheets or fabric. Children love to hide away and use their imagination to make 

     believe by pretending. Use construction or recyclable materials to create a superhero or baddie hideout.


3.  Sing superhero songs -look online or on our collage showing our song of the week .