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Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School Together with Bailey’s Butterflies

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The bird song - 23.03.20 - 4.04.20

Story of the Week

Bird Song by Ellie Sandall 


Personal, Social and Emotional

Encourage your child to be outside in the sunshine, playing with you or their siblings surrounded by nature. This will be great for their social interaction and overall happiness. Inspire them to take turns, through play or turn taking games. They can simply play alongside others using toys they have in your home.



Play a 'What is missing?' game where your child can try and tell you which toy is missing from the pile. You could make a cake with your child and get them to help you fill the bowl with the ingredients and stir as they love to fill and empty containers. Try to encourage a daily routine so they are able to understand that some things happen 'now' e.g. "We are going to have our breakfast now."



Exposing your child to lots of books and story time, will help them to enjoy the beauty of reading, it will keep them interested in books and will encourage them to have favourites. 


Understanding the World

This section is all about understanding the world around us so this is a great opportunity to take a walk in the woods or go along to the beach whilst getting some exercise. Ask your child to listen out for the birds or any other animals you may hear. Demonstrate using a technology toy (one with buttons and/or sounds) and have them copy what you do. Try and make a nature tray where you collect things from outside and have your child explore how they feel or hear any sounds when you tap them. 


Communication and Language

Sing lots of songs with your child, such as 'Old McDonald had a farm' and 'Three little speckled frogs.' Our word of the week is 'Bird' so encourage them to say this word whilst reading/playing with them. You could encourage your child to name different animals using videos on You Tube and identify their sounds. 


Physical Development

Help your child to draw round their animal puzzles as this will help them to be able to hold a pencil correctly. They could paint outdoors , even with water on a fence or a wall as this helps them with their fine and gross motor skills. They could use chalk outdoors (if you have this available)  to draw circles and lines.


Expressive Arts and Design

This is the fun and messy part! You could make an Easter card with your child, make some rice crispie 'Bird nest' cakes or a butterfly painting. Here are some links to help you get creative: