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The Tiger Who Came To Tea





The Tiger Who Came for Tea by Judith Kerr

Here are some ideas and suggestions to link with our new book of the week. The children have already heard this story as it’s one of their favourites.


Physical Development 

Help to make some picnic food for a party like the characters in the story.
Encourage the children to use utensils to mix, spread and cut. (Link with PSE-carry out small tasks)

Enjoy a party/picnic with family members and toys to encourage imaginative play.

To develop self help skills see if the children can get dressed at the beginning of day or like Sophie in the story, get undressed for bath/bed time.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

To promote self confidence/awareness ask your child  “What shall we play/do today?

Ask open ended questions about the story-

How did Sophie feel when she opened the door?

How did the mum feel when the Tiger ate all of the food?
What do you think Dad will say or do when he arrives home?

What would you and your family do if the Tiger (or another animal) knocked on your door? 

Communication and Language Development 
Listen to and recall/retell the story of the week.

How would you react if you were Sophie?

Draw or paint the Tiger from the story-what colours would you need? What does the tiger look like? (Link with UW-can talk about things they have observed)


Literacy Development

Share the story of the week-who are the characters?

Create a shopping list of what Sophie and her mum might need to buy at the shops.

Create some invites for a tea/picnic. Invite the family members and don’t forget some toys to encourage the imagination.


Mathematical Development 

Bake some shape biscuits for the picnic tea.

What shapes have you created? 

How many have you have made?

Set the table/rug for the picnic, how many plates, knives, forks, spoons and cups do you need?
Sequence the story, what happens first, then next, after that.

Do the same with your daily routine-breakfast, play, home learning, lunch time, etc.


Understanding the World

Promote imaginative play by acting out the story, having a tea party using real food or pretend food.
What would a Tiger really eat? 
What animals do you know? Where do they live?

Use a tablet/iPad to observe animals in their own habitat.

Listen and watch stories online about different types of animals.

Watch The Tiger who came to Tea online.


Expressive Arts and Design

Sing the song of the week, do you know any other songs about animals?

Construct enclosures (another WOW word to add to our vocabulary) for wild animals.

Pretend to move like the tiger in the story whilst introducing new vocabulary-prowl, pounce and creep (link with CL)