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WC- 01.06.20

Jungle Fever


This topic will look at rainforests around the world, climate zones and deforestation



This week we would like you to look at the following website

and focus on your fractions.

Please use week 5 dated w/c 18th May. (We are working a week behind their planning)


We have attached the worksheets and answers below and clicking on the website will give access to some video lessons. Remember the worksheets do not need printed they could just be written down.

Times Table Rockstars

English Files


Over the next few weeks children will be using the booklet 'Mission Possible' to create an adventure story about being a spy.

All of the activities are within the document below.


Monday - Listen to the story 'Mission possible'  and complete the 'lets chat about it' worksheet found within the booklet.(page 6) 


Tuesday - Complete the story mountain names 'What happened when' to help place the events of the story in order. You can also match the words to their correct definition - you may want some of these words for your story later. (page 9 and 10) 


Wednesday - 'Characters in the story' worksheet. Complete the character profiles for Polly Powers, Pete Powers, Dodgy Roger and Raucus Reggie. An example is provided within the booklet (page 11-15)


Thursday - Begin creating your own characters. (page 16 - 18) Creating good and bad characters. 


Friday - To complete a reading comprehension (page 19) 


We will be continuing with this booklet next week...



Remember to continue practicing your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life



On the map label as many rainforests as you can, You may need to complete some research.



Split an A4 piece of paper into 4. Draw a different animal skin pattern in each block, using appropriate colours to represent the animal skin.



Cut or draw the animals from the document and arrange them into groups. See if you can add any other animals you can think of.


Listen to the Geography song on the above link. Have a sing along and then choose one of the tasks to complete:


• Make your own globe: -Make a papier-mâché globe using a beach ball or balloon, newspaper and PVA glue/wallpaper paste and water. This BBC recipe online uses flour! Using crayon, hand draw on the continents and oceans.


• Word search and treasure hunt: -Make a word search for someone. Write out the names of the seas and continents in a grid (you’ll need a minimum of 12 boxes each way e.g. for North America) then fill in the gaps with random letters. Remember words can go up, down, across and diagonally!


• Fact finding mission: -What can you find out about each continent and ocean? Take one per day and research it. For the continents: which countries, largest cities are in each continent? What key geographical features such as mountain ranges, forests, rivers, deserts are there? What are their oldest religious and historical buildings? What animals and vegetation live there? For the oceans: find out which is the largest, what temperate each one is, how saline the water is, what animals and creatures can be found in them, how deep they are etc. Create a presentation on each, including as much information you can.


• Conduct an interview: -Do you know anyone that comes from another continent? Ask an adult to help you call or video this person/people and interview them about where they live or come from. They might teach you some words in a new language or about a rare animal. Make a poster about what they have taught you.


• Listening activity: -Listen to water inspired music Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns Can you identify any of the instruments playing? What can you imagine happening in the water and can you think of any adjectives to describe the movement, the sound quality of the instruments or the pitch of the music? -Listen to other water inspired music like: Ludovico Einaudi Le Onde (the waves in Italian) -Listen and watch Ludovico Einaudi’s Elegy for the Arctic filmed live in situ.