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WC - 04-05-2020

PSHE - Wellbeing Challange


Can you complete the Mental Wellbeing challenges? Over the next three weeks, can you complete at least one wellbeing activity each week for each of the five 'ways' to mental wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, Take Notice). 



This week we will continue to use the brilliant resources released by Pie Corbett (Talk for Writing). Please see the resource pack below, with lots of mini-activities linked to the story of Pippety Skycap, A tale of Mischief! 



As a school we have arranged parent/student access to Dyslexia Gold, this is a fantastic resource for ALL children. Spelling tutor, provides a structured, personalised program which teaches over 1,000 common words. All activities are multi-sensory and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet or other mobile device. We have attached a guide to help parents log in. 


Please follow the link:


Your child's username is in all lowercase.... it is the first three letters of your child's first name followed by the first three letters of their surname. All passwords are the same: BaileyGreen

E.g. Harry Potter's username would be harpot followed by the password BaileyGreen

Peter Rabbit's login would be petrab followed by the password BaileyGreen


If you have any issues with logging onto the website, please query using our Facebook page. Thank you. 

A little extra English - Julia Donaldson, The Rhyming Rabbit.


Can you design your own puppet and make a list a list of as many rhyming words as you can. You may want to try and create your own poem using some rhyming words you have found.

A few puppet ideas.....



Over the coming weeks we will be following White Rose Maths. Please follow the link below to access the video content and online lessons. We are moving onto week 3, with the focus around problem solving and number work. Please see the attached worksheets below.


We hope you continue to use Bamboo Paper. 

Since we have moved onto week 3, children may feel they would like to complete extra work. If so, the link above will allow access to the resources from weeks 1 & 2. 


French Number song -


Watch the news and weather forecast. Can you draw the outline of UK and draw weather symbols to match the current weather forecast. 


Experiment with light and dark colour shades. This could be colouring on a piece of paper, this may be exploring light using a torch. Be creative. 


Matching and grouping animals using their pictures. Alternatively you could research images of different animals. 


Our Strava followers are growing and growing. Each week we will be setting a new challenge so please join in, get up and get moving. 


Spend some time in your garden or yard. This could involve exploring the plants, planting new plants or watering the plants. 


Another Coding App - Tynker.