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WC - 04.05.2020



As a school we have arranged parent/student access to Dyslexia Gold, this is a fantastic resource for ALL children. Spelling tutor, provides a structured, personalised program which teaches over 1,000 common words. All activities are multi-sensory and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet or other mobile device. We have attached a guide to help parents log in. 


Please follow the link:


Your child's username is in all lowercase.... it is the first two letters of your child's first name followed by the first  four letters of their surname. All passwords are the same: BaileyGreen

E.g. Harry Potter's username would be hapott followed by the password BaileyGreen

Peter Rabbit's login would be perabb followed by the password BaileyGreen


If you have any issues with logging onto the website, please query using our Facebook page. Thank you.


This programme can be used each week therefore the login information can also be found on the homepage for year 4 home learning. 



This week we would like you to look at the following website 

and focus on your decimals as well as money

Please use week 2 dated w/c 27th April. (We are working a week behind their planning)





Next week you are going to start writing your own Newspaper report all about a Viking invasion. To help prepare please read pages 1-5 of ‘The Last Viking’ by Terry Deary ( This can viewed online so please do not worry about printing!

You are going to be the reporters who visit the site of the invasion and are going to report what they find.


  • Think of a catchy headline you could use for your report.
  • Write at least 6 facts which you could include in your report
  • 2 eye witness quotes
  • Opening (orientation) paragraph answering the when, where, who what questions.

CWMT Wellbeing challenge 2020



Watch this video all about Viking Longships;

Then have a go at naming and labelling the longship



Food technology


Vikings traditionally made their own soup and bread.

Have a go at making bread or your own soup. Share photos of you busy in the kitchen and maybe even testing your own culinary skills!