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WC - 04.05.2020

Timetable for Home Learning

Maths - Please use this website to access the powerpoints


Use this clever guide to write your own imaginative recipes.


Please use this website to have some extra practise of your Y3 spellings. Please see below for passwords and usernames.


Afternoon Activity Ideas


PE- Dance

Make up a dance sequence to music which tells the story of how plants grow from a tiny seed into a
beautiful flower, swaying in the sunshine and closing its petals at night time.


Design Technology- Make a miniature garden 

Think of a theme and design your garden on paper beforehand. You could use recyclable materials, compost or collect natural materials such as moss, pines, cones and twigs. It could even feature miniature figures or toys!




This half term we are looking at Christian churches in our local area. Think about where you live. Are there any churches near you? Have you ever been? Create a poster of what you already know about churches including ideas of services which take place there, festivals and family ceremonies.



Singing is a great way to lift your mood and feel happy. What are your favourite songs? How do you feel when you sing? Follow this link to develop your singing



Use the word mat to remind yourself how we say our different family members in French. Draw a picture of the people in your family and add your French labels.  



CWMT Wellbeing Challenge 2020