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WC - 06.07.20

This weeks Timetable



Key Information for Maths Home Learning

  • Each week will have a different calculation focus. This week's calculation focus is: multiplication.
  • Each week will begin with a mental maths task on Monday - mental maths is vital and supports written calculation methods. 
  • Our calculation booklet (which talks through each method for each year group step by step) is available on all class pages.
  • Videos to support some calculation methods are available on our school website at
  • If your child is struggling significantly, please feel free to visit a previous year groups home learning page and access their work - whatever they do, they are building a solid foundation of calculation methods ready for their return.
In the activities below we have included 2 different levels of challenge for Thursday. Either 1 step word problems or 2 step word problems. If children choose to complete the one step word problems and do so easily please challenge them with the second task.

Times Table Rockstars 

Remember to keep practising your times tables as well

This week you will be writing a narrative. You will start with a reading comprehension which the opening will be used to start your own story. Tuesday will be an opportunity to expand your vocabulary which you can then use in your narrative. Wednesday you will plan your story; some parts of the plan have been completed for you. Then Thursday and Friday you will write your story. Remember be creative and edit and improve at the end. There is some lined rainforest paper for you to write your story onto if you wish.



Using ICT we would like you to choose a programme you feel comfortable using, for example powerpoint or microsoft word... and compile all of the information you have learnt throughout the topic of rainforests. You could even search for pictures to include. You could present this as a powerpoint or as a report depending on which program you choose to use. 


Things you might want to write about:

What is a rainforest?

Where are rainforest located?

What animals can be found in rainforest? 

What is deforestation and the impact of this?

Interesting facts. 


Do not worry if you can't do this on a computer you can still complete this on paper and draw your own images!



Colour and assemble the rainforest flextangle and then create your own fact cards based on the images you find. you could either attach these to your flextangle or place them around it when its completed. 


If you want a real challenge see if you can create your own flextangle based on the model you have. 


Your task is to write a non-chronological report about a rainforest animal. The powerpoint contains a range of animals you may want to focus on or you can come up with your own. 


Remember non-chronological means there is no particular order that you need to follow. 


Remember to include: 

A title,

A introductory paragraph,


factual information, 

you could include some statistics, 



You may want to include information about:

What is eats, 

sleeping patterns, 


life span...



Yoga! complete a yoga session. We have chosen a Harry Potter one for you to follow. However if you want to choose a different one that is fine Cosmic kids have lots for you to choose from. 



Read through the information and then create an informative poster about climate change.

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life