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WC - 06.07.2020



Key Information for Maths Home Learning

  • Each week will have a different calculation focus. This week's calculation focus is: multiplication.
  • Each week will begin with a mental maths task on Monday - mental maths is vital and supports written calculation methods. 
  • Our calculation booklet (which talks through each method for each year group step by step) is available on all class pages.
  • Videos to support some calculation methods are available on our school website at
  • If your child is struggling significantly, please feel free to visit a previous year groups home learning page and access their work - whatever they do, they are building a solid foundation of calculation methods ready for their return.


This week's work is based on Harry Potter. Read about the spell bounding work of JK Rowling here:


Read or listen to extracts from the books and take part in other magical activities here:


We have finished our spelling lists for Year 3 - well done! We will now be focusing on revision and practise of the words covered so far.

Afternoon Activities



Challenge 1: How many examples of forces in action can you find around your home? e.g. pulling the curtains/ pushing the door/ twisting the jam jar lid. Design a poster, power point or diagram to present your forces.


Challenge 2: Make up a game for Year 3 children using forces (push, pull & twist). Provide written instructions for playing.



Outdoor Learning

Drawing a Maze


  • Find an open space without any markings on the floor
  • Take some coloured chalk to draw with. You can use whatever colours you like, but it helps to have a mixture (You can use paper and pencil/pens if you don't have chalk available)
  • Start by drawing the central pattern of a cross with outer corners and dots just like in Step 1 on this website:
  • Join the top left with the right hand side of the cross in one sweeping arch
  • Fill out the rest of the curves until your maze looks like the final diagram
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, make your maze more elaborate by making it up as you go along (with dead ends and secret hideaways)
  • When it’s ready, take turns to explore your way around with your family members.

We would love to see your masterpieces on twitter!


Circle of Control

Whenever you start to feel helpless and powerless, it can help to first separate the things that you can control, from the things you cannot. Complete this activity to help you see the bigger picture.