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WC - 08.06.20



This week we would like you to look at the following website

and focus on your fractions.

Please use week 6 dated w/c 1st June. (We are working a week behind their planning)


We have attached the worksheets and answers below and clicking on the website will give access to some video lessons. Remember the worksheets do not need printed, they could just be written down.

Multiplication grid

Times Table Rockstars





Continuing from last week we will be using the booklet 'Mission Possible' to create an adventure story about being a spy.

All of the activities are within the document below.


Monday - (page 20) You should have already chosen names for your characters last week so now you will begin to create a character profile. You can have as many characters as you like.


Tuesday - (Page 22) complete the mind bubbles around different settings.

and page 23 activity at the bottom of the page - writing a description about a mirror using adjectives.


Wednesday - (Page 23) alternative verbs and (page 25) Speech


Thursday - (page 26) create a secret code.


Friday - (page 27) Design a spy gadget.



Remember to continue practising your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 



Watch this video

 to learn about the structure of a rainforest and each layer. 


Your task: Sketch out the different trees within a rainforest, think about their height to show the different layers and then annotate your sketch with facts. 

Art - Snake print

Geography / Science


Look at the statements provided about deforestation and then order them into positive and negative statements before finally ordering them based on the importance of each statement. Try it with someone in your house hold to see if they agree.

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life