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WC - 11-05-2020

PSHE - Wellbeing Challange


Can you complete the Mental Wellbeing challenges? Over the next three weeks, can you complete at least one wellbeing activity each week for each of the five 'ways' to mental wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, Take Notice). 


This week we will complete a range of activities related to Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. 

Julia Donaldson - Stick Man -

Activity 1 - To read the story and retell the story using a cartoon strip. 

Activity 2 - Read the beginning of the story and think about where the story may be set. Write a list of adjectives to describe the story setting. 

Activity 3 - Look back at the cartoon strip you created. Create a new story map but can you change some parts of the story? You could change some of the characters which Stick man meets or change where the story is set or where Stick Man travels too. Add labels to your story map. 

Activity 4 - Using your adapted story map, can you write your new Stick Man story. 


This week we will continue to use the resources from White Rose Maths with this week's focus being on Addition and Subtraction. 


Go in search of 'Stick Man', explore your local woodland, park, beach, field. Once you have found 'Stick Man' can you draw a map of where your Stick Man might go? 


Can you find a tall long stick, using your tall long stick can you paint a picture of something which makes you happy. 


Using a phone, Ipad or camera, how many animals can you find in your local area and can you take a picture of them. Research some of the animals you find and see what interesting facts you can find out about this animal. 


How many of the PE activity cards can you complete? 


To make a vegetable stir fry.


To recreate your Stick Man story using the tablet/ Ipad application Puppet Pals.