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WC - 11.05.2020

Maths - Please use this website to access the powerpoints


Our focus this week is Performance Poetry!

Find out a little more about it here:


Michael Rosen has some great tips for performing poems here:


There are lots of hilarious poems to watch on Michael Rosen's YouTube site here:






Please use this website to have some extra practise of your Y3 spellings. Please see below for passwords and usernames.

Afternoon Activities




 Find the Jessie & Friends cartoons at


Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures with your child. Use questions to chat about the cartoon.  For example: How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures?  What made Mo feel sad? How did the friends get help when they needed it?  What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help? Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along!                                                                                                                                                       

Note: If your child wants to watch Episode 1 too, do watch it with them! It’s aimed at younger children, but it’s still fun to watch.




Risk is about getting into situations where there might be danger. If we take a risk then we are close to danger. The danger might mean getting hurt. What does the word ‘hazard’ mean? A hazard is an object that presents some kind of danger. E.g. A hole in the ground is a hazard because people can fall into it. Complete this worksheet to spot the hazards in the garden. 

PE - Chance to Shine - Confident Cricketer 



CWMT Wellbeing Challenge 2020