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WC - 11.05.2020



This week we would like you to look at the following website 

and focus on your multiplication and division.

Please use week 3 dated w/c 4th May. (We are working a week behind their planning)


We have attached the worksheets and answers below and clicking on the website will give access to some video lessons. Remember the worksheets do not need printed they could just be written down.

Using the story from last week and notes you made in your plans, write your newspaper article up in neat using the article template



Remember to continue practicing your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 



A mixture of reading, acting and matching to do. On the sheet it states for the acting to happen with other children as this would have been a class based activity however it can be completed independently or with other people living in the same house. 



A challenge we want you to look at completing your own classification chart. We have provided you with a template and posed the first question. We have also given you a range of animals (don't feel like you need to print these you could draw them or even just write the name in the final box) Decide which animals you would like at the bottom of the classification chart and pose new questions that require a yes or no answer to reach them. This may require some trial and error skills. Think about what you have already learnt in our previous animal topic in Spring 1. 

PSHE CWMT Wellbeing challenge 2020



You have been provided with some terms relevant to a Jewish synagogue and there definitions. Your challenge is to see if you can match these definitions. Start trying to do it alone then if needed check by researching to see if you are correct.



Using any materials you have around the house, have a go at making your very own Viking Longship