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WC - 15.06.20


This week we would like you to look at the following website

and focus on your fractions.

Please use week 7 dated w/c 8th June. (We are working a week behind their planning)


We have attached the worksheets and answers below and clicking on the website will give access to some video lessons. Remember the worksheets do not need printed, they could just be written down.

Times Table Rockstars 

Remember to keep practising your times tables as well






Continuing from last week we will be using the booklet 'Mission Possible' to create an adventure story about being a spy.

All of the activities are within the document below.


Monday - (page 28-30) Plan your story using the story mapping road.


Tuesday - (page 32) Get writing! Using your story road, draft out your first version


Wednesday -  Edit. Have a read through your story from yesterday. Is there anything you want to change or improve? Using a different colour, edit and correct your draft. Consider these changes and publish your story! You could type it or write up in neat.


Thursday -  Finish publishing your story if you need to. Complete a front cover which could be used if your story was published into a book




Remember to continue practising your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 




Watch this video showing a typical rainforest village and school.

What differences did you notice about houses and homes and schools? Using the video and the internet, make a list of similarities and differences about life for children in the Amazon rainforest compared to Killingworth. Try to think about; houses, work, school, food etc



Using your knowledge from previous science lessons, can you make a food chain.


Choose and image from the rainforest and colour

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life

Don't forget about our school project. Please keep emailing your photos