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WC - 18-05-2020

Inside Lockdown Life

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life


We would like our children, families and staff members to capture life in lockdown through a photograph. Your photograph could be something you see e.g key workers, queues for shops, family life, home-schooling, deserted roads, playgrounds and restaurants. It might be taken through a window or on a daily walk. Your photograph could even capture how you are feeling right now and your hopes for the future.

You could use a camera, phone or i-pad/tablet to take your photograph.

Please email photos to:

Don’t forget to write a little description behind your photograph!

We look forward to receiving your photographs!

Happy snapping!

Please note: By emailing us photographs you are giving us your consent for them to be displayed on the school website and twitter page.




This week's English centres around reading and communicating. Whether used as one sheet per text or as a complete exercise per story, these activities will engage your child in their reading, allow their creativity and ideas to thrive and a good check to see that your child really understands what they are reading.