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Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School Together with Bailey’s Butterflies

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WC - 18.05.2020

English and Grammar
Afternoon Activities
Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life


Get a plant that has been under-watered and is looking sad. Water it. Take a photo every 30 minutes after you’ve watered it, for a few hours, and see how they compare. Better yet, video it! 


Make a bottle garden by putting a plant  into a bottle that is half-filled with water (after stripping back the bottom leaves to allow it as much chance to root as possible – make sure none of the leaves are underwater or they may rot.). Let the plant grow in its own mini-greenhouse (a chance to learn about condensation) and watch the way the roots develop. Daily photographs will help you keep a visual diary of its growth – you may be surprised by the difference a sunny day can make.


Can you locate the places on the map using co-ordinates?