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WC - 18.05.2020



This week we would like you to look at the following website

and focus on your multiplication and division along with area.

Please use week 4 dated w/c 11th May. (We are working a week behind their planning)


We have attached the worksheets and answers below and clicking on the website will give access to some video lessons. Remember the worksheets do not need printed they could just be written down.

Have a go at completing some multiplication squares



This weeks English involves a range of tasks based around the following video: The video provides a fly over of a viking village. Your tasks are as followed:


Monday - Write a setting description based on what you can see. Remember to use your 5 senses to help structure each paragraph (you may have to use your imagination for smell). We want you to really push with your vocabulary so try and think of synonyms you can use when you proof read. 


Tuesday- To write/ create a commentary to accompany the fly over video. You can be as creative as you want here. You could write out your commentary to describe what is happening what can be seen or you could record your commentary- if you mute the music you could even record your commentary over the video! 


Wednesday- Choose one of the buildings you can see and decide who lives there. Write a character description thinking about their appearance, personality and life style. 


Thursday - To create a detailed map of the village. First use your art skills to sketch out the village then annotate and label the village in detail.  


Friday - A break from the vikings!

Using the following site: you will see an image stimulus called 'The forbidden tower' followed by a story opener. 

Just like you would in school we want you to complete this like you would a big write.

We would like to see:

interesting adjectives,

fronted adverbials,

A range of punctuation 

and paragraphs. Your task is to complete the story. 


Story starter!

The night was still. Not a breath of wind could be felt. An eerie silence filled the warm evening air, broken only by the sound of the crow’s wings flapping as it returned to its nest with food.

Combined with the ghostly silhouette of the tower and the rickety pathway that led to it, the ominous silence made Lucy nervous. She felt a prickle on the back of her neck as she thought about what she might find inside the tower, and what might be lurking in the darkness around her.

Her heart began to thump inside her chest, seemingly matching the beat of the crow’s wings.

Lucy had always been slightly wary of crows; they had sooty, black wings, piercingly sharp beaks and menacing, staring eyes. The crow had settled down in one of the gnarled branches of a nearby tree. She thought it was watching her. Surely it wasn’t though? Crows didn’t do that. It must have been her imagination.

Plucking up all of her courage, she approached the stairs. They looked rotten and crumbling, as if nobody had set foot on them for years and years. The crow was still staring at her, and had tilted its head to one side as if pointing its beak towards the tower. “What was this crow up to?” she thought to herself.

“Are you trying to warn me about something?” she asked the crow. The crow did not respond, only shuffling its feet slightly on the branch, head still tilted to one side. She frowned. “Of course you’re not trying to warn me about something, you’re just a stupid bird.”

Her eyes left the crow and she ascended the first few steps on the rickety path towards the tower. “It’s just a silly bird.” Lucy muttered to herself under her breath. “Don’t be such a wimp.”

The crow watched as she left, and smiled. A wicked, cruel smile accompanied by a cackling laugh. “Silly, silly girl” it squawked. “I must tell the others she is coming.”

The crow took off into the night…



Remember to continue practicing your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life



Use the following site to have a sing song and learn a new song - 'it's getting too hot for monkeys'

This song is dated WB 4/05/2020 however links in with our science topic for you. There are also some other tasks related to the song you can complete. Happy singing!



Use the following powerpoint to learn a little more about plastic and how it impacts on the world. Your task is to then design an informative poster to make others aware.



Design a viking shield. This can either be on the sheet. Or you may plan it on the sheet then make it out of cardboard or any materials you have lying around.


Continued from last weeks research see if you can now label the synagogue and you could even colour it in.