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WC - 22.06.20

As usual, a suggested timetable and resources for all activities for this week are provided below.



Maths Home Learning Update

As a school, we have chosen to refocus our attention in Maths on vital calculation skills.

Working at home should refresh your child's memories of calculation methods and build their confidence, supporting them ready for their return to full-time schooling (whenever that may be!).



Key Information for Maths Home Learning

  • Each week will have a different calculation focus. This week's calculation focus is: addition.
  • Each week will begin with a mental maths task on Monday - mental maths is vital and supports written calculation methods. 
  • Our calculation booklet (which talks through each method for each year group step by step) is available on all class pages.
  • Videos to support some calculation methods are available on our school website at
  • If your child is struggling significantly, please feel free to visit a previous year groups home learning page and access their work - whatever they do, they are building a solid foundation of calculation methods ready for their return.

Maths Calculation Booklet

Home learning timetable

Times Table Rockstars 

Remember to keep practising your times tables as well

Friday - role play. Read your letter out loud as if you were confronting the local MP. Think about the intonation of your voice to emphasise the important points.



Remember to continue practising your spelling using the following website:

For information around how to access this site please following the instructions on the main home page below the timetable. 

Geography - write or record your own weather forecast

Art - design your own rainforest and animal

Science experiment (some resources required) Remember to record your observations!



Listen and sing along to 'The tree in the wood' 


Task : 

• Be an observer: -Go on a nature walk in the local environment to observe how different plants grow. Take photographs for future reference, which could be labelled, painted and collaged at a later date. As a macro photography challenge take a series of close up photos of different bark patterns. -Make bark rubbings. You could use these in a collage later. Note that outer bark protects the tree from extreme temperatures, bad weather, insects and fungi. How many can you see that have thin bark such as birch trees, compared to those with thicker outer bark such as Douglas fir

Bailey Green Photography Project: Inside Lockdown Life