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WC - 27-04-2020

Home Learning

Please do not feel required to print all worksheets and resources off to complete at home. Please use paper and books form around the house. Alternatively you could download Bamboo Paper to an IPAD/ Tablet - This is a great app which allows you take a photograph of a worksheet for children to write and colour over the top of using their IPAD or Tablet. 


Mr Laws, Mrs Patrick, Miss Rawling & Miss Hope have loved talking with both parents and children this week, it has put a huge smile on our faces and it sounds like everybody is doing a fantastic job at home. Yes and parents you all sound like you're doing a wonderful job. Just remember the resources we upload are a guide, please continue to be extra creative around the house and in the garden. A little bit of everything is healthy. Keep up the amazing work. For those who have not yet received a call or missed our call, don't worry we will continue to ring parents this week and next. Take care and we miss you all!




Sidney Spider - A Tale of Friendship by Alison Cooper.

Talk for Writing have released some brilliant home school learning resources. Below is a link to Sidney Spider with many reading comprehension and writing activities for the children to work through. Please support your child when reading the story and encourage your child to apply their phonics when reading unfamiliar or longer words. 



This week we would like you to focus on measurement. Measurement is a very practical Mathematical concept which includes weight, height, length, capacity, volume, time and money. Try to focus on one aspect of measurement per day and think of as many different activities as you can for each. I have added some examples of what you could do below. 
Weight - 

Weighing ingredients for a recipe

Weighing everyday objects using scales 

Weighing everyday objects using objects (In school we weigh using counting cubes)

Comparing objects by weight

Predicting which household objects are heavier or lighter 

Height & Length - 

Measuring objects around the house using a tape measure/ ruler or objects e.g. how many cars long is the dining table compared to the kitchen bench. 

Recording measurements - how many objects can you measure and write down with the measurement. 

Ordering objects by matter of height or length.

Estimating the length or height of an object before measure. 

Plant a flower and record your daily measurements 

Create a height chart in the garden - how much will you grow before we return to school?

Capacity  & Volume -

Bath - Paddling pool - Bucket - Sink Dish. Anything which can be filled with water/ fluid or objects. Explore different levels of volume, full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty, quarter full, three quarters full. Begin to look at recording measurements using a kettle or jug. How many mls in your container?

Time - 

Making your own clock, paper, chalk on the ground. Any different way you can. Game time, draw me 2 O'clock...... draw me half past 5. 

Take the clock down from the wall - using the dials on the back, children can change the time to a given time. 


Role Play - Restaurant, hair dressers, shop, ice cream van, take away, drive thru - how creative can you be. Give the children real money to explore with. Can the children make amounts - The ice cream costs 20p which coins could you use? If you have no money lying around the house, make some using pen and paper. 



Research images of transport now and then, compare the similarities and differences. 


Research a local landmark and draw a picture of it. (Angel of the North, Killingworth Lake, Tyne Bridge, Cramlington Giant Spoon, Priory Castle Tynemouth, St Mary's Lighthouse). 


Leaf or vegetable printing. 


Fireworks in a glass experiment. 


Most smart phones have a step counter. Challenge, how many steps can you achieve across the week? Join us on Strava - Bailey Green Primary School and track what exercise Mr Laws is up too. 


Using all sorts of materials from around the house, can you construct a boat. After constructing your boat, experiment with it in the bath tub, will it float or sink?


Create a physical algorithm (Set of instructions) for a sibling or parent to follow, this could be anything from a set of instructions on how to wash the dishes, how to get from one side of the garden to the other avoiding obstacles, set of instructions on how to draw a monster.