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WC - 23-03-2020


Attached below are some English activities. We will continue to update these resources weekly. Most of our English activities will be related to a very popular Julia Donaldson story called Zog.

Children can watch Zog on Youtube -


Writing Activities 


To draw a picture of Zog and write adjectives (describing words) around Zog. 

To write some of your adjectives into sentences, e.g. Zog was a young, clumsy dragon. 


Reading Activities


To answer the questions about Zog. 

To retell the story of Zog using dragon puppets.



Below are some Maths activities for your child to complete. Please using practical objects around the house to support children's learning. Board & card games are another great way to stimulate Maths learning. We have included a Maths challenge for the children to attempt, please support your child with this. 


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Can you create a fact sheet about Queen Elizabeth II?


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Draw a map of Zog's route to school.


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Research images of Buckingham Palace. Can you draw a picture of Buckingham Palace?


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Egg white and Yolk experiment


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Can you and a family member complete one Cosmic Kids Yoga session per day.


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - Can you make Rice Crispy cakes? 


23/03/2020 - Week 1 - To play Lightbot (Application for Apple or Android)