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WC - 30-03-2020


This week we will continue to learn about Zog. Julia Donaldson is a brilliant author who has wrote many other fantastic children's stories and these can be found on YouTube -


Writing Activities 

To draw a story map of Zog. Add detail to your story map by adding labels to your images. 

To write your favourite part of the story. Will it be the beginning, middle or end? 


Reading Activities 

To read two Julia Donaldson stories. 

To read Zog and spot as many split digraphs as you can (a-e, i-e, e-e, o-e, u-e). Make a list of all the words you have found. 



This week we will focus on addition & shape. Remember to use practical objects around the house to support your child's learning; e.g. Lego, toys, blocks, sweets, rocks. 


Activity one - Using objects around the house how many different creative ways can you show 5 + 5? 

5 bananas & 5 bath toys - 5 snails & 5 leaves. 

Can you think of your own addition calculation and see how many ways you could show it. 

Activity two - Can you make a picture using different shapes/ objects from around the house? Will your creation be 2D or 3D? 


Activity three - Addition on a blank number line (Worksheet) - Don't forget to start with the largest number and jump on! 


Activity four - Addition time challenge (Worksheet) 




Buried Treasure - A fun phonics game for the whole family to play. 


Using (Search Engine for Kids), can you research facts about London. Using image, look at the similarities and differences between London in 1952 when Queen Elizabeth II became Queen and 2020, 


Using a map of the UK, can you find all the capital cities?


To draw or paint a portrait of a family member. 


Fizzy Colours experiment (See Resources)


Outdoor Activity Cards 

Keep doing Joe Wicks every morning 9am

Cosmic Yoga for Kids

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Toilet Roll Kick Up Challenge


Build Buckingham Palace with any construction/ materials you have at home. 


Free Access. 



Learn a dance routine with Beth Morgan (good for parents too).

Click on the link below and give it a go!

Share some of your videos on Bailey Green Twitter, we would love to see all the fun you are having !