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Where's the Chick? - 23.03


Story of the week activities 


Where's the Chick? 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development ​​​​​​

  • Encourage all members of the household to spend time with your child, playing little games and interacting with them building strong relationships with all members of the family or household. 
  • Stories, songs and rhymes. 
  • Child initiated play time for your child, lie them or sit them in a safe area with their toys where your child can explore the world around them building on independence. Watch from afar and see start to see what your child tends to play with most, or what they actually do with the resources, are there any repeated actions your child is doing? 

Communication and Language

  • Sing our song of the week - 'Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken'
  • Practice mouth movements - face your child with your face close to theirs, make different mouth movements and expressions such as tough out, wide mouth smile etc. and see if your child responds or tries to copy these movements.

Physical Development 

  • Add some actions or some dance moves while you sing nursery rhymes or songs with your child. Try gross motor movements such as moving arms 'up' and 'down', stamping your feet, nodding your head. Encourage children to join in of if they are very young children may watch you, following your movements with their eyes. 
  • Encourage your child to try and feed themselves, this may be using their fingers, dipping them in their food then transferring it to their mouth, picking up finger foods, or holding their own spoon as your feed them. We know some of our children are still only on bottles, so wait until your child is moving onto solid food.

Understanding the World 

  • Collect resources from the outdoors of different textures such as some grass, a flower, a stick or some stones. Allow your child to explore them by looking and touching them. Please do this will full supervision as your child may want to explore with their mouth. 


  • While your child watches, hide items or toys in shredded paper or under a blanket, encouraging your child to reach for them or to find them once hidden. 


  • If you do have our story of the week or any other story book, spend time turning the pages, pointing to each of the illustrations and clearly saying the key word, you can repeat the key word 2 or 3 times, for example, "egg, egg, egg". If it is a textured book, describe the texture while holding your child's hand or fingers over the material. 

Using and Exploring Media and Materials 

  • With a focus on 'playing and exploring', which is a characteristic of how children learn. Collect some recycled materials such as sweet papers, egg cartons, boxes, and let your child investigate.