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Bailey Green Primary and Nursery School Together with Bailey’s Butterflies

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Who's Who

Meet our wonderful staff at Bailey Green

Mrs. L. Taylor         Headteacher
Mrs K. Morgan-Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J. Briggs - Assistant Headteacher -  Year 2

Team Leaders

Mrs E Flynn Upper KS2 Leader, SEND Leader - Year 6
 Mrs Patrick KS1 Leader, SEND Leader, Year 1
Miss C Butler Lower  KS2 Leader - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs G Moretti Birth - 4 Years Leader
Miss S Robinson - Early Years Team Leader
Mrs W Hook - Butterflies Team Leader
Mrs H Van-Konijnenburg - Acting Deputy Team Leader
Miss M Giles - Acting Assistant Team Leader

Teaching Staff

Mr R Laws - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Close - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs A Rutherford - Year 2 Teacher
Miss S Graydon - Year 4Teacher
Mrs V Nixon - Year 5 Teacher
Miss L Jamieson - Year 4 Teacher
Miss M Warren - Year 5 Teacher
Miss K Rayson - Year 6 Teacher
 Mrs R O'Connor - Part Time Year 5 Teacher
Mrs P Stonebanks - Reading Recovery Teacher
Miss H Weir - Reception Teacher

Teaching Support Staff

Miss Herbert - Early Years
Mrs Munro - Early Years
Mrs Crawford -  Early Years
Miss Chowdhury  - Early Years
Mr Doolan - Early Years
Miss Rawling - Year 1
Mrs Stephenson - Year 5
Miss Dawson -  Year 3
Mrs Gardiner - Year 2
Mr George - PE and Intervention Support
Mrs Killen - Year 5
Miss Barber - Year 4
Mrs Gilchrist - Year 6
Mrs Surtees - Year 3
Mrs Marshall  - Year 6
Mrs Matthewson - Butterflies - Support Staff
Mrs Walsh - Butterflies - Support Staff
Miss Gallon - Year 2
Miss C Hope - Early Years
Miss Alexander - Year 4

Bailey's Butterflies Staff

Miss G Sprott
Mrs H Van-Konijnenburg - SENCO
Miss J Harker
Miss J Dent
Miss S Herbet
Miss M Giles
Miss J Chowdhury
Miss C Jordan
Miss J Cole
Miss L Beedham
Miss R Brown
Miss R Smith
Miss T Newton
Miss V Hartley

Office Staff

Mrs Meenaghan - Business Manager
Mrs Slee - School Secretary
Mrs Knighton - School Secretary
Mrs Crawford - Admin Assistant
Mrs Wisziewski - Admin Assistant

Breakfast and After School Club Staff

Miss Dawson
Mrs Stephenson
Mr George
Mrs Walsh
Mrs Killen
Mrs Moffat
Miss Amers

Kitchen and midday supervision staff

Mrs Purcell - Cook
Mrs Race - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Moffat - Kitchen Assistant
Miss Taylor - Kitchen Assistant


Mrs Charters
Mrs Rowe
Miss Amers