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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



Mrs Flynn, Miss Rayson, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Surtees are looking forward to working with Year 6's this year

Meet 6R!


Keep checking on our class page and follow us on twitter to find out what we have been up to this half term!

Our topic this half term is...


Through a range of activities we will be learning about islands, including St Lucia.


We will learn to:

· Locate St Lucia on a map - identify physical features and study images of the island;

· Look at climate and population;

· Compare London with the city of Castries;

· Look at tourism and exports and their effects on the landscape and economy;

· Write the script for a tour guide of St. Lucia and present to class.



Look what we've been up to this half term!

Our previous topics were...


Through a range of activities we will be learning about World Trading.

We will learn:

· To explain and map the UK’s trade links with other countries.

· To understand the global distribution of food and natural resources.

· To understand trade links between El Salvador and the UK.

· To understand globalisation and the impacts of multinational companies.

· To understand changes in trading through history.


What have we been up to this half term?


Through a range of cross curricular activities incorporating Art, Music, and Topic we will be learning about

The Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


We will learn about:

· How the African Kingdom fits in with other historical time periods.

· The importance of art and religion to the people of Benin and exploring ancient artefacts.

· The leaders of the civilisation and how the Kingdom of Benin came to an end.


Look what we've been up to so far!

What we've been up to this half term...



For our first half term in Year 6, we will be learning all about World War II. The children will spend time looking at the causes, key events and significant figures of the war and learning all about how Hitler was eventually defeated. 

What we've been up to so far this half term...