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Year 6

Times Tables Focus


Consolidation of all multiplication tables

Our topic this half term is...


Through a range of cross curricular activities incorporating Art, Music, History and Geography we will be learning about
The Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


We will learn about:

· How the African Kingdom fits in with other historical time periods.

· The importance of art and religion to the people of Benin and exploring ancient artefacts.

· The leaders of the civilisation and how the Kingdom of Benin came to an end.

Our previous topics were...


We will be working on a range of activities linked to our novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’.

We will:

· Write a balanced argument and a narrative with a flashback, based on the novel.

· Create a map of the island using 4 and 6 figure grid references and map symbols.

· Identify the places Michael travelled to, find out more information about each place and calculate the distance that he travelled. 

· Plot his journey on a world map.

· Learn about the role of Japan in World War 2, the events of Pearl Harbour and the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

Through a range of cross curricular activities incorporating Science, DT, Art, Computing and Music, we will be learning about:

· Optical Illusions and Op Art artists.

· Surreal Art.

· Graphic/Digital Art.

· Constructing a ‘Home Alone’ house, including working electrical circuits.

· Using computing software to design wallpaper and 3D room.

· The compositions of John Williams.


We will be working on journalistic writing and writing a mystery narrative in our English lessons.

Lest We Forget


Through a range of cross curricular activities incorporating History, Geography, DT, Art and Computing, we will be learning about:


· The reasons why World War II began.

· The key figures of World War II.

· Researching, designing, building and evaluating air raid shelters as part of our model garden project.

· Life at home during the Blitz - blackouts, and patterns in bombing raids.

· The Battle of Britain.

· Hitler’s expressed hatred of the Jews.

· Propaganda.

· Anne Frank’s life.

· D Day and the Normandy Landings.

· The implications of the end of the war for ordinary people and the countries involved.