ICT Information

At Bailey Green Primary School we aim to work closely with Parents to safeguard our young people and ensure they remain well educated and aware of all the risks associated with social media and the world wide web.


Guides for Parents & Children

Changing settings on phones, computers, tablets, Ipads and consoles can help to minimise risks associated with online activity and help to protect your child against the world wide web. Below you will find some guides to assist you with adapting your child’s device to make it user friendly. 

How to set up parental controls for Apps – Iphone

How to set up parental controls for Apps – Android

Back to School – Online Safety Tips for Children

How to set up parental controls for privacy – Android

How to set up parental controls for privacy – Iphone

National Online Safety School

At Bailey Green Primary School we seek to create a community-based approach to making the internet a safer place for children. We aim to raise awareness and educate children and parents about the ever-growing worldwide web. We are a National Online Safety School in which our staff take part in regular CPD opportunities as well as being regularly informed about online safety concerns. Parents also have access to a range of supportive resources and materials to educate themselves as well as engaging in meaningful dialogue with their children. National Online Safety offers resources such as online guides, tutorial videos, explainer videos and parent webinars.

More information regarding National Online Safety App and how to become involved as a parent can be found below. 

National Online Safety for parents

NOS – PowerPoint