School Council

Our School Council members
for 2019-2020

Our school council members were chosen democratically.
This happened when each person who wanted to be a school council member read out their manifestos to their class.
Each child in the class then voted democratically for the representative they wanted.

  • 2B James and Charlie
  • 2R Noah and Annabelle
  • 3B Georgie and Isabella
  • 3C Harvey and Joseph
  • 4G Paige-Leigh and Frankie
  • 4J Sophie Cash
  • 5NO Finley and Amy N
  • 5W Kobe and Izzy
  • 6F Sophia, Joseph and Millie
  • 6R Paige and Joel

School Policies

We have been busy reading some of the School Policies and checking that we are doing them in school.
So far we have looked at the

  • Behaviour Policy
  • Twitter Policy
  • Target Policy and
  • Anti-Bullying Policy

We have made notes about them and shared them with our class.

  • Jessica and her sister Ellie have been busy reading EVERYWHERE – they have shared a great pic collage for us.
  • Alex has been reading in a shopping trolley – where will all the food go?
  • Abigail was very brave, who would have thought you could read on a run way?
  • Freyja has been reading up side down!
  • Scarlett decided to get some peace reading on her loft ladders.
  • Jenna was all snug reading in a perfectly sized basket!
  • Jack has taken his reading book to a well known land mark – Do you know the name of it?
  • Samuel read his book on the ‘Predator II’, hopefully the sun will be shining next time he’s on the boat.

Playground Questionnaires 2018

We have interviewed children at break and lunch times to find out what they like doing at playtimes and what we could do to improve this time for them. We interviewed a selection of children from year 1 all the way up to year 6. We will be discussing the results with Mrs Taylor and deciding if we can make any improvements.

  1. We have decided to buy new playground toys each term, so that children have the best equipment all year round.
  2. We are going to redo the playground timetable so that at least one day a week we won’t have football on the playground so that other games can be played.
  3. We will make sure we ask children each term, how playtime is for them and if they have any improvements we could make.
    Weel done to Eleanor in Year 2, who came runner up in the art competition!